Mimi and her girls

Mimi and her girls
Mimi and her girls

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

I had to kick myself into gear to keep up with my Aspiring Metalsmiths team for our most current blog roll. Once spring hits, I am torn between being outside in my garden enjoying all the beauty that surrounds me

or- staying inside and trying to capture at least one of the designs floating around in my head that seem to be inspired by nature and all her changing glory. All my beautiful flowers make me want to create something so I can freeze this beauty in time and metal.

More things to distract me- my granddaughter's birthday is coming up, I must shop. Taxes need to be finished- oh groan, inventory needs done. Being a metalsmith in the spring is just darn tough when you look out your window and see all this beauty!

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  1. Oh your flowers are PRETTY! I have the same dilemma all spring, except mine starts a month or two later. I have only daffodils and crocus here still! Thank goodness, Mother's day is coming, I need to get some work done!

  2. Lovely flowers Pennee! I can't wait see ours start to bloom, we are about 2 weeks later here than just up the road 20 miles. Guess that is payment for having a mountain in our backyard!

  3. Wow! You should consider opening up a photography shop! Great job.

  4. Frittilaria are my favorites! But I love them all :)

  5. Autumn, you crack me up- this is flower photography, not jewelry !!!

    Me too with the frittilaria Esme- they are just too cute!