Mimi and her girls

Mimi and her girls
Mimi and her girls

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Finally - Vacation Time Is Near

July was it's usual hot and miserable self here in Maryland, but I just kept remembering August means vacation time! Every other year we take a trip to somewhere in Europe we have never been and this year it's to Scotland.  I really want to see men in kilts, but DH wants to play gold at St Andrews so we have to go there to.
So the plan is Edinburgh for a few days, then off to St Andrews for a day, then to Inverness, Sky and Oban before we head back to Edinburgh. It doesn't sound like a lot of places, but we will stay a few days in each place and I'm sure I'll see more castles than I ever did in story books and I definitely plan to have a Nessie siting. We will do lots of historical sites, hiking, photography and gee, I can't wait to try haggis!

On the jewelry business side, my computer hard drive died so I am waiting for a new computer so I can get some new work photographed and listed before time to go into full vacation mode.
Keep your fingers crossed for me that the geek Drs can recover my pictures from my old computer. Why does technology have to be so fickle anyhow? So if you're wondering why no photos for this post, now you know the sad reason why!

www.etsy.com/shop/ppennee, my lovely Etsy shop, I have posted a shop notice of last day to order any made to order items of August 21. That should give me plenty of time to make and ship anything ordered before I leave. I plan to leave the shop open, but don't be surprised if you can't find the full line of items to browse. I plan to deactivate most made to order items so no one accidentally orders while I'm away and doesn't see my announcement that I can't ship for 2 full weeks. The last thing I want is to come home to an unhappy customer that thought they'd get their ring in less than 5 days.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer and if you've been somewhere great this year on vacation, feel free to comment. I'm always looking forward to the next vacation home or abroad!