Mimi and her girls

Mimi and her girls
Mimi and her girls

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Have You Finished Shopping Yet???

Seems like forever since I have had time to sit and just blog about anything! But since I got up early to work on orders, I had the inspiration, and it gave me a small reason not to start at the bench at 6 AM.

I'm not finished shopping yet, the gifts I do have are staring at me and needing wrapped. My house is only semi-decorated and I have cookies I need to bake! How about you, done yet, are you one of those well organized people that manages to get it all done and then have time to sit and relax? Not me, I am still working the day job, making jewelry to fill orders and trying to get in the holiday spirit to finish decorating and getting ready for the full week of celebrations that are the Christmas holiday!

If many of you are like me, you have long ago stopped fighting the crowds of people at the malls and in big box stores. Unless you have a few favorite boutiques or specialty shops, you let your fingers do the shopping on line! This year though it seems a lot of people didn't realize how little time there was between Thanksgiving and Christmas - just 3 full weeks. I have never been one of those people who shop Black Friday sales or heaven forbid, start buying presents at the end of summer sales!

For those of you that may need a few last minute stocking stuffers, or just something new to wear to one of the many open house or parties that seem to pop up this time of year, I am going to shamelessly self promote that I have a load of stuff still in my shop that's ready to ship! My very last, drop dead date. to make made to order to arrive in time for Christmas in the US is December 18. So many people are ordering late this year, my cut off is earlier than last year so I can be sure and finish.

Feel free to browse my shop, All Wired Up Jewelry Desings on Etsy but below, I'll post a few really great things that are just waiting to go in the mail same day or next day if you order by December 20 for first class or Priority. Those rally down to the wire, I have Express next day as a shipping choice for "ready to ship" up through December 23!

Earrings- how can you have too many? These make great gifts for teachers, friends, your manicurist or hair dresser- or just because you like to have lots to choose from. My new enamel earrings in copper are on sterling or gold fill ear wires, priced right and ready to ship.
Green Enamel Heart Earrings -
Pretty little fall leaf earrings, Red and Gold Enamel Leaf Earrings

and then there are always pretty sterling earrings - Moon Crater Hoops

If your more of a necklace person, I still have a few in stock priced to go out the door and under someone's tree! For the gardener, or chef- this Sage Leaf Necklace could be a terrific choice in either the polished or oxidized finish
So, don't panic, there is still time, just make yourself sit down with a list of who doesn't have a gift yet and think handmade is always a great way to say, I chose something special just for you!

Happy Holidays to you and all of your family and friends!


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