Mimi and her girls

Mimi and her girls
Mimi and her girls

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fine Silver is My Passion!

I am just so excited about all the great things you can do with fine silver wire. I guess one of the things I love most is no PICKLE. I know, the pickle is a German Christmas tradition. Well, I am half German, so I have nothing against pickles. I just always forget to turn on the little bitty crockpot with the pickle solution in it until I have already soldered something. Then I worry if it's going to work if I wait to long after. With fine silver all I do is quench, forge, texture, then tumble. Even better, if I want to change the shape a little, like my new organic links bracelet, I can get out my trusty silicone coated round nose pliers and go to work reshaping and changing the look totally. Fine silver is very soft until you work harden it by forging and tumblng. Another great thing- it's almost pure silver (.999). Unlike sterling (.925) there is no copper which is the major culprit in tarnishing. Not that I am not good about keeping my silver in platic bags to slow the tarnishing process, but let's face it, when a girl gets a shiny new bracelet- she wants it to STAY shiny for quite a while before she has to polish it up.
I know lots of metalsmiths who are not quite so smitten with fine silver. It's too soft they say. If you visit my shop at http://www.ppennee.artfire.com you will see lots of fine silver bangles, earrings and bracelets. I haven't listed too many necklaces yet since they usually go on a sterling chain. Trust me, I test drive all my jewelry before I offer it for sale. I work a full time job in sales. I am in and out of my car all day long, in and out of my trunk picking through boxes and papers, carrying things in and out of offices. I wear my bangles and bracelets daily-no problems. The only recommendation I make is to please let me make a bangle that fits! A bangle is supposed to slip on without a lot of resistance going over your hand. You shouldn't have to twist and push to get it on or off. This type of on and off abuse will eventually ruin the shape of even the thickest sterling bangle. Can you tell I really believe in my fine silver items?
If anyone is ever interested in finding out more about fine silver and all the wonderful things you can do with it, please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail and ask away!
Come visit my shop and check out just a few of the really nice pieces made with fine silver. Today I am highlighting my new listing, an organic link bracelet- quite a lovely piece if I do say so. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=36640455
Have a fabulous weekend and Happy Holidays to everyone.

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